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 Bambino Casa

We are creative and practical. We grew up in the global village and travelled it all over.

     Up in the North, we learned to be practical. We took the smart Scandinavian design from there and combined it with the elegant style of the South we met in Milan.

    Our designers brought together the two worlds to create the most practical and also the cosiest room for your child.

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Safe Environment

We develop a modern, functional and beautiful interior for babies and children. Bambino Casa strives to create a safe and stimulating environment that adapts to the needs of the kids to ensure their proper development.

We use the latest scientific achievements of psychologists and pedagogues to create the most suitable bedrooms, playrooms, and recreation rooms because we believe that all the children have the right to grow in a healthy and comfortable environment designed especially for them.

Innovative Techniques

Design & Comfort

We pay special attention to the design and decoration of our children’s rooms: cute and friendly handmade characters created with innovative 3D modelling techniques.

The furniture of Bambino Casa makes the kid’s room warm and cosy. We offer a variety of colours and models, thus allowing you to make the right choice for your home. 



Safety & Quality

We have placed our manufacturing facilities in the heart of Europe, where we successfully produce safe products of solid wood, lacquered MDF and high-quality melamine panels.

The quality of the materials and the modern manufacturing process ensure the mechanical stability of our products. The high-tech paints and lacquers guarantee the lack of any harmful chemical emissions. 

Caring for


We design and produce children’s rooms without forgetting our responsibility to future generations.

We use environment-friendly materials and production techniques, based on safe and non-toxic products such as the water-based hypoallergenic painting system that in addition to protecting your health and the health of your baby, points out the natural beauty of the wood.

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Tel: +447 463 82 97 96


Via Pietro Fattorini, 72

29122 Piacenza (PC) – Italia

Be Creative

We believe that we create a functional and elegant environment which allows children to develop their inner potential and imagination.