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Our Ideas

We are curious and adaptive. We love learning more and more about the children and their development and apply what we have learned to provide them with the best possible environment for games, study, and sleep.

Nothing in this world remains the same. Everything changes, children change. And when children change, we also change. We study the new, the useful. We welcome the ideas, which have the potential to improve the way the children play, sleep and learn.

Our ideas are our greatest asset.
We encourage creativity and innovation.

We create

Adaptive Environment

For the Bambino Casa team, the children and their needs are in the center of everything. We believe children are the meaning of life and the future of our world. That is why we strive to meet their needs by creating a high-quality adaptive environment which is safe and stimulates their development.

Following the latest European safety standards, we created furniture whose safety allows you to enjoy every moment of the motherhood and at the same to feel sure about the safety of your kids, while you are away from them.



We have built our philosophy on the ideas of the famous Italian teacher, psychologist, and doctor Maria Montessori. She is an author of her own pedagogical methodology used by the most progressive pedagogues in the world over the past 100 years.

Inspired by this philosophy, the furniture of Bambino Casa and its rounded and stylish design in moderate, modern colours, creates a harmonious environment which inspires children to enjoy playing and successful learning.

From the pure interest and curiosity, through the joy of the live interaction with a particular object, to achieving inner peace – that is the path of the children’s motivation – a prerequisite for all their actions. 


The World at The Height Of a Child

Montessori Rooms

Every child would like to have a place to build their own world. A world of games and dreams without restraint.

Our new Montessori Casa collection is built on the idea of independence and free imagination from an early age.

Our design follows the idea that children’s safety can be achieved without compromising the natural development of their feelings of responsibility and independence.

Creative Environment

Functional & Elegant

We believe that we design creative, functional and elegant environment in which the child, having boundless creative energy, can develop according to the laws of nature.
We create a world
that allows the children to keep their innate desire to explore the world, to develop their inner potential and imagination.


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Be Creative

We believe that we create a functional and elegant environment which allows children to develop their inner potential and imagination.