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Safety Standards

Each Bambino Casa product is fully compliant with the European Safety Standards  EN 716-1:2017 and EN 716-2:2017.

We use only water-based paints. Safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, they protect children’s health and the environment, ensure homogeneous coverage and durability, and emphasize the beautiful shapes of our designs.

Safety is guaranteed by the rounded edges and ergonomic shapes.

Safety Distances  

Beds for Babies & Kids

 Bambino Casa complies all the distances with the European Safety Standards EN 716-1: 2017 and EN 716-2: 2017 – the spacing between the slots on the sides; the distance between the cot base and the sides; the distance from the top of the mattress to the upper edge of the sides… and many more, entirely tailored for the safety of your child.    

It is easy to adjust the side of the baby cot with only one hand! 
The position of the movable side can be easily adjusted without efforts, using
only one hand. The locking system is automatically locked in both low and upper positions, to provide maximum safety for the baby. 


Safe Children’s Rooms

Inspiring Design

We do not only create safe kids’ rooms, but we also create a design that inspires and builds creative atmosphere.

The production process involves not only high-tech equipment but also manual attention to the detail…That is why our 3D decorations and characters come alive!

Safe Child Environment

Dream, play, smile!

Contemporary &  Functional Design

Bambino Casa creates functional and cosy children’s rooms combining the Scandinavian practicality with the Italian elegance.

Bambino Casa develops a contemporary, functional and safe interior for more smiling babies and children.


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We believe that we create a functional and elegant environment which allows children to develop their inner potential and imagination.