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We encourage children’s

Creativity & Independence

The new Montessori collection is designed
according to the concept of the famous Italian pedagogue Maria Montessori.
Our Montessori furniture stimulates
children’s independence and the freedom of their imagination
from an early age.


Montessori Casa

The exterior of the Montessori Casa collection resembles a playhouse.
Casa beds
 are designed with a rectangular base. They are made of
high-quality solid


Montessori Villa

The exterior of the Montessori Villa collection resembles the Indian hut Tipi. Villa beds are а comfortable and cosy space for games, sleep and rest.
Perfect shelter for every child. 


Montessori Buongiorno

The Buongiorno collection is designed to store the child’s favorite possessions – clothes, shoes, toys. It gives you the chance to turn the morning routine into harmony.


Montessori Allegria

The Allegria furniture easily provokes children’s curiosity and turns their natural desire to explore the world into
a funny game.


Montessori Casa Alta

The exterior of the Montessori Casa Alta collection resembles a playhouse.
Casa Alta high beds
are а comfortable, cosy space for sleep, rest and study.
Perfect territory for every child. 


Montessori Casa BonBon

The exterior of the Montessori Casa BonBon collection resembles a playhouse. Casa BonBon bunk beds are designed with a rectangular base. They are made of high-quality solid wood.


Contemporary & Functional

Following the Montessori philosophy, Bambino Casa design team developed a modern and practical space for children.

Beds with a design of a house and Indian hut create a sense of safety and comfort during sleep or play, and at the same time help the children to develop their independence. 

Wardrobe, toy bench and other elements of the collection are designed to stimulate the sense of responsibility from an early age.

a world of

Games & Dreams

All the children would like to have their place to build their own world. A world of happy games, dreams and creative work. 

Get inspired by our Montessori furniture and create a playroom, children’s room or playground. We will help you. 

we create environment

Safe & Adaptive

Each element of the Montessori collection is made of high-quality materials, coated with water-based paints and non-toxic lacquers, providing the maximum care for your child’s safety and health.

Bambino Casa creates a safe and stimulating environment, that adapts to the needs of the children for their proper development. 

we inspire

Responsibility & Independence

Our design follows the idea that children’s safety can be achieved without compromising the natural development of their sense of responsibility and independence.

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We believe that we create a functional and elegant environment which allows children to develop their inner potential and imagination.